The MEGAsTaR project

Brief presentation of MEGAsTaR

The project MEGAsTaR is an academic initiative of the University of Pavia funded by the Cariplo Foundation and the Lombardy Region in the framework of the last joint call “Avviso congiunto per l’incremento dell’attrattività del sistema ricerca lombardo e della competitività dei ricercatori candidati su strumenti ERC – edizione 2016” under  the topic  A “Attrattività eccellenze”.  This topic, namely “Attraction of excellence” had the purpose of supporting academic initiatives increasing the attraction of ERC Grant Holders to Universities of the Lombardy Region.  MEGAsTaR, in particular, aims at establishing an ambitious pilot action aimed at  fostering the academic attractiveness of the University of Pavia to talented researchers and at supporting them in the development of project of excellence.

MEGAsTaR has been conceived jointly with the transfer of the ERC grant EntroPhase of Prof. Elisabetta Rocca to the Department of Mathematics “Felice Casorati” of the University of Pavia. The recruitment of Prof. Rocca will catalyze the development of the overall MEGAsTaR strategy to reinforce the reception capability of the University of Pavia and to put in place a best practice radically renewing the institutional support to the projects of the most talented researchers. In particular Prof. Rocca  is a member of the Institutional Horizon 2020 Committe (IHC),  a new institutional Committee, having the mission to organize and supervise novel approaches of institutional support to talented researchers for the preparation of their Horizon 2020 projects.

From the scientific point of view the Project aims at reaching challenging milestones in the mathematical modelling of tumor growth and of crucial problems in physics and engineering, in particular in the sectors of Additive Manifacturing (AM) e 3D printing, in synergy with the strategic thamatic plan of the University of Pavia.

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